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Flexionizer ...

... is computer software to look up for conjugations of verbs. The databases of Flexionizer provide verb libraries of spanish, english and german language. Therefore this software is directed to persons who learn one of those foreign languages.

Conjugations of verbs?

Lets remember ...:

   I am...
   he, she, it
is ...

Well, if that would be all, the german Präsens, the spanish Presente or the english Present Tense, it would be admittedly easy. But verbs and their tenses and modes are more complex than we would like.

Verbs are a fundamental part of each language. It is therefore all the more important to get good knowledge as for using and conjugating verbs. Flexionizer is suitable excellent for the process to learn or to polish up your foreign language knowledes. Flexionizer is an effective tool to learn verbs, no matter if you do it in an autodidactic fashion or just accompanying to lessons, no matter if you want to use it as a tool to practise or as a reference book., no matter if you are a beginner or an advances learner. Flexionizer helps to obtain effective improvement in dealing with verbs.


Flexionizer Window

System Requirements:

    bullet PC with a 800 Mhz processor or higher clock-speed (Recommended 1.4 MHz)
    bullet 512 MB Ram or higher (Recommended 1024 MB)
    bullet 60 MB free space on harddisk
    bullet Video-adapter and monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel or higher
    bullet Soundcard and loudspeaker (recmmended)
    bullet CD-ROM-Drive (only for Flexionizer CD-Version)
    bullet Operating-System: Windows 8 (10), Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    bullet Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compliant with Sun JVM 1.7 or higher Printer (optional)

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  Example using the spanish verb "ser":
bullet    Flexionizer conjugates English verbs, more than 600 entries of verbs         

Example ser           

bullet   Flexionizer conjugates Spanish verbs, more than 600 entries of verbs  
bullet   Flexionizer conjugates German verbs more than 600 entries of verbs  
bullet   Searching verbs in the library  
bullet   Two different views for the various modes and tenses of verbs (Simple view as an overview and Detailled view with aditional informations about verbs and colored marks  
bullet   Consideration of several regional particularities (depending the language)  
bullet   Representation and the form of question of each conjugation and of the negation  
bullet   Printing of verbs and deviation of printing data into a file  
bullet   Copy and paste operations of single verbs, blocks of verbs or complete pages possible  
bullet   Creating and editing lessons to learn and practice  
bullet   Creating and managing lesson databases to organise lessons e. g. according to chapters of a schoolbook  
bullet   Presentation of statistics after learning a verb    
bullet   User-language in English, Spanish and German    
bullet   Zoom functionality to enlarge or reduce verb tables